In this project we were set the task of working together in groups to make a manifesto, which would then influence what we decided to make out of a list of options (we chose housing). I enjoyed working in a group as it made it a lot easier to come up with lots of ideas as we all had different interests in design, this enabled us to progress quicker. We agreed quickly on the manifesto and agreed on an area to base our research on (Lagos, Nigeria). We then made a mind map for Lagos where we came up with many ideas, this lead us to choosing housing. Things we identified as issues were, overpopulation, flooding and air pollution. With this information I set out to make some realistic designs that the average person in Lagos could use. I came up with lot of ideas for the inside of housing as well as the outside. In my own research I learnt that Lagos was near lots of shipping ports and routes. With this information I decided to make kits out of shipping containers. That can be used as a support structure to reinforce housing or to put together as additional shelter. I decided to make kits because the target audience of Lagos build lots of things like boats and houses, so I thought that instead of making houses/containers that they can only use in one way, to give them the option of using the strong structure of a shipping container in the way they feel they need. 

Personally I really enjoyed the idea of this project as we worked in groups which I enjoy, as you create lots of ideas which we did. Somethings I would improve is the amount of models I made and the outcome, I feel that we/I came up with lots of ideas but didn't develop a lot of them or very well. But I also think that the main point of the project was to work in a group and generate ideas which we did.